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New Book to be Released April, 2018


I really enjoyed reading the children’s stories and seeing their progress. I felt like I could take pieces of each child and see parts of my son in them. It gave me great hope and encouragement to read these stories. I know that even with the struggles and challenges we face, it will get better. Reading their stores also made me feel that my son and I are not alone, even if some of our struggles are different.

Parent of 2nd grader with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ms. VanArsdell captures us as readers and educators with her vivid descriptions of classroom student interactions that come alive on the page and in our hearts. She translates these classroom situations into learning experiences for educators and offers practical, insightful, realistic advice on how to guide students to promote their development. These poignant situations coupled with the sage advice of Ms. VanArsdell based on her years of classroom experience is a must read for teachers.

Dorothy Molnar, Ed. D.
Professor of Education, Elms College

With years of professional and personal experience working with young children and their families, Marion VanArsdell shares with us an endearing and keen understanding of how the preschool child with autism spectrum disorder thinks, communicates, and behaves. Vignettes she describes from her classroom provide us with insight into situations in which these young children can grow, learn, and thrive when provided the empathy, support, and organization needed to make sense of the world around them. This book offers families, educators, and other professionals a clearer view into the world of the young child with communication and social deficits.

Kathleen Salomone, Ed. D.
LMHC, ABSNP, Licensed Educational Psychologist, consultant